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  • What is Roboteos?
    Roboteos, founded in 2022, is a technology company based in Southern California. Our mission is to revolutionize solar energy solutions for mobile applications, starting with the first dual-axis solar tracker for RVs and Campervans. We are committed to enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of solar systems while addressing critical industry challenges.
  • Why do I need solar panels for my RV or camper van?
    Solar panels provide free, clean, and renewable energy, allowing you to operate off-grid and independent of noisy generators. They offer a sustainable and convenient power source for your mobile lifestyle.
  • What type of solar panels are used?
    We specifically developed the 200W HexLite Solar Panels to integrate with our tracking system. Our panels combine SunPower's leading solar cell efficiency with a lightweight, durable honeycomb backsheet design. These panels offer superior performance and durability while being significantly lighter than traditional options.
  • Why choose a solar tracking system over flat panels?
    Solar tracking systems can yield up to 2.5 times more energy compared to fixed panels. This allows you to utilize your roof space much more efficiently giving you room for your gear storage and rooftop mounted accessories like A/C and fans, or increase your solar energy to power even the largest energy consuming appliances.
  • What is the user interface like?
    The system includes a 3.5" wireless touchscreen LCD that provides comprehensive control and feedback for managing your solar tracking system.
  • Is the robot fully automatic?
    Yes, our tracking robots are entirely automatic. They use GPS to locate the sun and determine your vehicle's orientation. Simply press a button, and the system will rise at sunrise, track the sun throughout the day, and retract flush to a 6-inch height on your roof at sunset without any manual intervention.
  • What's included in the box?
    Your purchase includes the tracking system, 2 200W solar panels, wireless touchscreen LCD, electronic board, wiring harness, stainless steel hardware kit, and all necessary mounting brackets.
  • How does the robot integrate with my Rv/Campervan?
    The robot is designed to fit most camper vans and RVs and attaches securely to the rails on your vehicle's roof. Our systems are compatible with many common roof racks, and we can also customize the mounting to fit your needs. For specific application questions, please reach out to us at
  • How do I assemble the solar tracking system to my vehicle?
    We offer free local installation for all of our tracking systems in Orange County California included in the price. Installation is completed for most vehicles in less than a day. For customers in other parts of the country, our system can be shipped completely assembled, and ready to mount to your roof. Simply raise the system to the roof, attaching the 4 mounting points to your vehicles roof rail, and connect a 12V power supply to the supplied wiring harness. Your LCD control screen can be mounted inside the vehicle along with your other electronic controls. A waterproof circular connector is provided in the harness to pass the wires through your roof (drilling hole with hole saw is required, and not included in the kit).
  • How does Roboteos tracking system increase your daily energy capture?
    Our Heliotrope and Solotrope systems optimize energy capture by precisely aligning solar panels with the sun's position throughout the day. Using GPS technology, our panels continuously track the sun's movement and adjust their orientation for maximum solar exposure, significantly boosting daily energy production.
  • Heliotrope or Solotrope? Which one do I need?
    Heliotrope (Dual-Axis System): Ideal for those seeking complete peace of mind. The Heliotrope rotates 360 degrees like a satellite, ensuring optimal solar exposure regardless of your vehicle's parking orientation. It always directly faces the sun for maximum efficiency. Solotrope (Single-Axis System): Offers a single-axis tilt, adjusting panels in one direction based on the vehicle's position relative to the sun. While it provides solar tracking benefits, its efficiency depends on how your vehicle is oriented throughout the day.
  • How much solar power do I need for my vehicle?
    The required solar power depends on your daily energy consumption, your location, and the time of year you use your vehicle. For assistance selecting the appropriate solar system for your build, reach out to us at We utilize models that can estimate the amount of energy your build will consume, as well as how much solar energy you can generate to determine the best fit. We have sized our tracking systems to cover the majority of RV/campervan use cases. Each one of our 400W tracking systems are capable of producing enough energy to power all of the standard electrical appliances inside your RV and enable true year round off-grid functionality. These appliances include, lights, fans, fridge, induction stove, electric hot water heaters, satellite or mobile internet hotspots, phone and laptop chargers, and even small A/C systems. Every build is different, so please reach out to us with your questions about how what solar system is right for you.
  • How does the robot ship?
    Your robot ships fully integrated with solar panels, electronic boards, and all necessary accessories and cables for seamless installation on your roof. It is fully assembled, and tested at our facility in Orange County prior to shipping to ensure proper functionality. The entire system is ready to be raised and mounted to your roof.
  • When will my order be delivered?
    Each solar tracking system is built to order. As long as components are in stock, we are currently completing orders in 8-10 weeks.
  • What are the shipping options?
    Local Installation (Orange County, Southern California): We offer free installation within Orange County, Southern California. Nationwide Shipping: For locations outside our local installation area, we provide flat-rate shipping across the USA.
  • Do you offer a fully integrated electrical system?
    Our Heliotrope and Solotrope systems do not include a complete electrical setup. You'll need a battery charging control system to integrate with the robot. Our solar panels use standard MC4 connections and are compatible with most charge controllers. Contact us for assistance in selecting and purchasing these components.
  • How is your customer support?
    Your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any issues or questions, please reach out to us via phone, text, or email, and we'll promptly assist you in resolving any concerns. Phone: +1 949 229 5511 Email: Address: 839 Frankfort Ave Apt B Huntington Beach, CA, 92648
  • Can these robots be used in other applications?
    While our current robots are designed for RVs and camper vans, we have the capability to develop tracking systems for various applications such as marine and industrial use. Contact us at for custom solutions.
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